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A Game Changing Program

The first step to getting better at golf can be daunting. There are plenty of questions. Where do I start. What coach should I choose? What amount of time will I have to commit to getting better?

We want to make this process simple, easy and comfortable. A New Student Assessment is an opportunity to meet and interact with a highly qualified golf coach in a relaxed, nurturing environment while you take the first step towards improving your golf game.

We take the time to evaluate your game using K-Motion’s premier technology and recommend programs that align with your goals, time and resources. If you really want to shoot consistently lower scores and have more fun playing golf, this is your opportunity to get started.

No Guessing

K-Motion technology provides us with the most precise evaluation process possible. We diagnose your problem areas, discover your inconsistencies and answer your biggest question. What do I need to do to get better?

During the New Student Assessment process, we’ll provide instant 3D data and utilize biofeedback training to translate instruction into a feel-based learning process. Our goal is to take the guesswork out and simplify your path to success.

About K-Motion

K-Motion, the maker of K-Coach and K-Player, is the industry leader in wireless 3d motion capture and human motion learning for the sports, fitness and medical (physical therapy) industries. The company’s cloud-based products create a complete end-to-end training solution that empowers coaches to get athlete’s and patients better faster. The company combines industry leading sensor accuracy with never before seen software features in a highly reliable, easy to use product that helps top golf coaches, baseball coaches, movement and fitness specialists and physical therapists.


Force/pressure & balance data is a vital part of modern sport performance coaching. Paul is a Boditrak Certified Professional and owns the Boditrak Vector, the company’s most cutting edge mat, that measures both horizontal and vertical force and the movement of your Center of Pressure (COP) during the swing. We can use this technology to help you learn proper set up and swing mechanics and connect what you feel with reality for a more efficient full swing, chipping motion or putting stroke.

blast motion

Timing is one of the most important aspects of golf and Blast Motion helps Paul coach his clients to better tempo. We can marry timing and tempo measurement with high speed video to help you understand and train better tempo and better putting technique. The Blast sensor fits on the butt end of the golf club’s grip and is so light that you won’t even know it’s there. Connecting wirelessly to a smartphone app it allow us to measure key aspects of your stroke.

Foresight GC Sports Quad

There is simply no other launch monitor in the world like the Foresight GC Quad.  With four ultra-high speed cameras that take 10,000 photos per second of the club and ball, we get accurate information about what the club and ball are doing for the best training and feedback possible. Paul’s simulator is based on the Quad and Foresight’s world class cloud based system so you can train in the studio and then analyze your shots afterwards anywhere you’d like. We can practice a variety of shots and scenarios on courses like Oakmont, Pebble Beach, and Spyglass Hill. The GC Quad also had world class putting software that allows Paul to fit clients to their putters and train their ideal stroke patterns. Paul serves on Foresight Sports’ Advisory Board along with professionals like Butch Harmon, Michael Breed, and James Ridyard.

New to Paul Kaster Golf Coaching?

We want to learn more about you, your game and your goals.

To do that, we offer a 1-hour new student assessment via FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom.

Includes video analysis and online mental game evaluation. You’ll leave with a very clear improvement plan.  Enter your email below to Get Started Today or call (732) 529-2222.