Innovative Golf Lessons & Coaching
in Little Silver, New Jersey

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Innovative Golf Lessons & Coaching in New Jersey

In Person Coaching



In person coaching is available for full swing, short game, putting, the mental game, game planning and strategy, golf fitness, and club fittings. Paul offers playing lessons, short game and putting instruction at Jumping Brook Country Club during the season.


Junior coaching covers the full swing, short game, putting, preparing for tournament golf, parent caddie training, the mental game, strategy, golf fitness, and club fittings.


Coaching programs include AimPoint putting instruction, discounts on putter and other golf club fittings, and all of the technologies that Paul uses at his studio.

Remote Coaching

We will use an online coaching app, Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp to have real time lessons from anywhere, at any time. You’ll have access to tools Paul uses with all of his clients including a custom golf fitness program with Lance Gill Performance – the leading provider of remote golf fitness training. You’ll also get short game and putting instruction and drills to help you achieve your goals. Unlimited feedback between sessions is part of any remote coaching program.

Remote Coaching Includes:

  • SportsboxAI 3D Analysis and Practice App
  • Private Training App
  • Online Mental Game Evaluation
  • Lower Hourly In-Person Rate
  • Discounts on Equipment and Training Aids

Programs are structured to suit your schedule and budget. You’ll leave with a very clear plan for improvement.


  • Private coaching is $225 per hour
  • Monthly remote coaching with stats and 3D golf mechanics analysis and access to a private group page is on a custom basis.
  • Private coaching rate is lower with certain monthly coaching programs.

TPI Body-Swing Assessment

We can’t separate our body from the biomechanics of the golf swing. How your body functions, and any limitations you have, have a big impact on how you swing the club.

Paul is Level II TPI certified and during your evaluation, he will take you through physical screens that show how you will naturally swing your best and any issues that may limit your golf swing. We will analyze your swing using the latest 3D technology, discuss the how body-swing connection and create a personalized exercise program that will help you improve over the long term.

Putting Lessons & Fittings

Bobby Jones said if you can’t drive the ball, you can’t play, but if you can’t putt you can’s score. Putting is one of the most important, and least taught, aspects of the game. Putting lessons and fittings cover how to start the ball online, how to control speed and how to read greens. Learn putting systems used by major champions and get fitted for a custom putter that suits your stroke. All putters from SeeMore, Taylormade and U.S. Kids Golf are available.


Create trust in your putting with an experienced, certified putting coach.

Putting is one of the most important and least taught aspects of the game. Paul has been specializing in putting instruction for almost a deacade and is a level II SAM Putt Lab certfied coach, level II certified AimPoint coach and a senior SeeMore Putter Institute instructor.

Certified putter fitting

We have the solution for you, so you can
make MORE putts & shoot LOWER scores.