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One of Golf’s Leading Coaches based in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Paul creates personalized coaching programs for clients to help them improve efficiently using the very latest technology. He offers lessons for players of all skill levels and is 100% committed every day to helping his students enjoy the great game of golf more than ever.



    My goal in October 2020 when I met Paul was to work hard on my golf game indoors this winter so when spring arrived my game would be ready and in a much better place.  There is no doubt with the time I have spent with Paul and his incredible team, I am making significant progress and hope to achieve my goal of getting to an 8 handicap by the end of the upcoming golf season.  If you want to improve your golf game you should take the opportunity to leverage Paul and his team.

    – Bill C. / Student

    I made a 105 feet of putts the round after the putting clinic. It was crazy good. 27 putts and shot 73. I have a process I trust, it’s quick, accurate and I have much more confidence. I highly recommend Paul as a putting coach!

    – Rick / 5.2 Index

    Paul is an excellent coach! He uses the latest technology in teaching tools, but is never overly mechanical. The focus is more on swing “feels” instead of swing “thoughts”. My game is much more consistent since I started working with Paul.

    – Brian H. / Student

    Paul, I love the new putter! The first round with it, I made three birdies of over 20 feet and shot 76 for the day. My confidence continues to get better and better! Thanks for the personalized fitting; I think it will really make a difference in my game.

    – Kevin T. / Student

    Ready to get started? Email for more information about in person and remote coaching programs that start as low as $90 per month with a 3D feedback practice app, include discounts on club fittings and more.